Barna Mink

Not everyday that I laminate something that requires the use of literally all weights we own 😂

Some footage of the digital clock display fully prototyped out. The software is almost done, just a few kinks to work out.

Soldering 8x8 LED matrices to their backpacks. I already wrote a driver for the microcontrollers that feature on these backpacks (HT16K33).

Restoration of another curbside pick. This poor metal chair was probably in someone’s backyard exposed to the elements for years before being tossed to the curb, based on all the rust and the shape the seat was in.

It was quick work. Treated the frame and fasteners for rust and painted the frame with a few coats of enamel. I cut a new seat from some pre-finished white cabined plywood I had laying around. The old seat will be sanded and salvaged for small projects.

Another specimen of my simple / sturdy / flexible shelf design. The concept can be scaled up or down easily to fit any space perfectly. This one was made from a single sheet of cheap sande plywood ($45), so all in all material costs were about $50. Like all my furniture it comes with ‘hidden’ adjustable leveling feet which is a handy feature in these old houses where nothing is really flat or true 😄

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