bmink’s shop journal

bmink is Barna Mink | I'm a professional computer programmer (now in engineering management) and a hobbyist maker / DIYer.

Cut the materials for a new batch of feeders for Palomacy.

I love the defects I come across in simple pine boards. While they are unsuitable for anything structural, I tend to save sections like this one for smaller projects.

Made this holder for my scroll saw blades. I designed the fretwork pattern with SketchUp.

I love Pi-hole, it's the kind of good software that just runs and does its thing and you tend to forget that you're even running it. But I just had a laugh as I figured out that it's the reason for a problem that has annoyed me for quite some time — though I suppose not enough to really try to debug it: the fact that my YouTube history seemed to update only intermittently.

As I just realized, by default Pi-hole blocks updates to the YouTube history (makes sense I guess), so the history was being updated when I was watching YouTube while not on my home network (eg. on cellular) — and was not being updated when I was on my home network, or away from home but VPNing home (which I often do).

Cutting some Christmas ornaments on the scroll saw.

The patterns come from FEINSCHNITTkreativ, as part of an advent contest. They published a few dozen great patterns in this style; they are free during the contest and will cost a few bucks after that. The original size was a bit big for my taste so I printed & cut these at 75% scale. This made them more challenging but I’m pleased with how they came out.

I used cheap 1/8” underlayment plywood, cutting stacks of 3 or 4.

The nightstands came out well. This was the first time I worked with radiata pine plywood from HD. I didn’t love it, it’s tough to work with and at the same time very brittle and easy to mess up. But I do like the way it looks.

The top compartment holds and hides the cable salad. A nice touch are these knobs to store the laptop charging wire.

Spendy, yes. But those three words mean you wont be let down in the middle of a big project (or anytime, really).

What a comically large box 😆

When I started out, I used to buy pocket screws in those tiny 50-piece boxes. Now I keep buying larger and larger size boxes but I always seem to go through them pretty fast.

It was a nice calm fall day which I used to apply 10 coats of spray lacquer to the tops of the nightstands.

The scroll saw is not just for artistic / decorative work; it’s an all-around very useful tool in the shop. Here I used it to cut some round knobs quickly and without any fuss.