bmink’s shop journal

The nightstands came out well. This was the first time I worked with radiata pine plywood from HD. I didn’t love it, it’s tough to work with and at the same time very brittle and easy to mess up. But I do like the way it looks.

The top compartment holds and hides the cable salad. A nice touch are these knobs to store the laptop charging wire.

Spendy, yes. But those three words mean you wont be let down in the middle of a big project (or anytime, really).

What a comically large box 😆

When I started out, I used to buy pocket screws in those tiny 50-piece boxes. Now I keep buying larger and larger size boxes but I always seem to go through them pretty fast.

It was a nice calm fall day which I used to apply 10 coats of spray lacquer to the tops of the nightstands.

The scroll saw is not just for artistic / decorative work; it’s an all-around very useful tool in the shop. Here I used it to cut some round knobs quickly and without any fuss.

Been working on these nightstands, from a sheet of radiata pine plywood from HD.

Most woodworking content out there is about building, building, building. Much less is said about the simple pleasure of caring for already-built wooden objects. But it is one of my favorite things about wood... the way it ages beautifully with a little care and upkeep.

This is true for all wood, even humble & hard-working plywood. These feeders are put through their paces by our cats. Yet a little cleaning and oiling made them spring right back to life.

Not everyday that I laminate something that requires the use of literally all weights we own 😂

shopclock progress: some footage of the digital clock display fully prototyped out. The software is almost done, just a few kinks to work out.

Soldering 8x8 LED matrices to their backpacks. I already wrote a driver for the microcontrollers (HT16K33).