Barna Mink’s Homepage - Woodworking Gallery

Barna Mink’s Homepage - Woodworking Gallery

Garden swing

This was one of my first projects with wood, over a decade ago, after moving in to our house and observing which spot gets the last sun of the day. I had very limited tools and didn’t really know anything about woodworking, but I did get it right. The angles of the seat are comfortable, and the swing still is in frequent use. I built it out of redwood and left it untreated, so over the years it aged beautifully to a grey color (just like the cedar fence behind it, which we put in at about the same time).



Backyard Aviary

I built this 10’ x 10’ x 10’ aviary for my rescue pigeons about 7 years ago. It has an open top (ie. there’s no roof but is closed off with hardware cloth), as pigeons love the sun and rain – as long as they also have a safe and dry shelter to retire to, so the smaller back “room” (where the nest- and perch boxes are) has a roof and is well protected from the elements. It took me a long time to build with limited tools but it has stood the test of time. I had to make very few fixes or improvements over the years.



Dog Feeders

These are sturdy and can be built in different sizes. Download my SketchUp plans here.



Paper Tray and Kitchen Utensil Holder

Both made from wood from the scrap pile.



Audio Console

Custom console to hold my turntable, (a few of) my vinyl records and rackmount audio equipment. Fully loaded it is very heavy so I had to change the leg assembly after the fact. Other than that, it has worked out great. The entire console (top and legs) was made from a single sheet of $50 plywood from Home Depot.



Jazz Bass

Mahogany body / maple neck. I’m a die-hard Precision bass player, but at some point became curious about Jazz basses. I decided to build my own, from a kit.

I am a fan of these Solo kits, though with this one being a cheaper kit, over time I had to replace a lot of the electronics and hardware on it and I had to also shim the neck to make it comfortable to play. I opted for a natural (Danish oil) finish, and I covered the pickguard with black tape for a sleek look. I also replaced the stock strings with nice flatwound strings. I like it a lot (still prefer P-basses though overall ;).



Dog Toy “Funnel” / Storage

For the pack that, like ours, has (too) many toys. The idea here is that the humans throw the toys in at the top, and the dogs pull them out at the bottom. It really does a great job of keeping the toy pile tidy and makes the toy cleanup quick and fun. One of my all time favorite builds!

Download my SketchUp plans here.



Game Of Thrones Coasters

This was a gift for the biggest GoT fan I know. As a fan myself, I had always wanted to make something that incorporated the banners & words of some of the favorite houses.



Cat Feeders

Cats can be extremely messy eaters, so I came up with this design to try and contain the mess. It has been very effective.



Record Crate

This one holds about 50 records – ideal for the minimalist/discerning collector.



Adirondack Chair

Very comfortable, modern design. Built from redwood. Plans by Ana White.