Wall mounted tool holders

Recently I made a few wall mounted tool holders for the shop. This was my first time using the French cleat wall mounting method. I have been thinking of utilizing it for some upcoming furniture and cabinet builds and I've learned it's a great idea to try new concepts out with shop builds first.

I have the SketchUp files up on GitHub.

Clamp rack

I recently got rid of most of my ragtag set of clamps that I have collected over the years and standardized on these DeWalt trigger clamps / spreaders. I have four 6 in., four 12 in. and two 24 in. ones in this rack and these are the ones I use by far the most. (I also have a pair of 36 in. and a pair of 50 in. of these that I use when assembling larger furniture, those will get a similar rack and go elsewhere on the wall.)

Drill, driver and pencil sharpener holder

Finally a place to neatly store my trusty old drill & driver duo. Having an electric pencil sharpener in arm's reach is one of those “luxuries” I waited too long to pull the trigger on, but I never want to be be without again.

Sandpaper roll and rotary/pen sander rack

Originally I got these rolls of 1 in. wide sandpaper for a specific purpose — to be used in my sanding bow. However, it turned out to be amazingly practical to have these out and within reach constantly. I didn't realize how often I need just a little piece of sandpaper. Similarly, my Proxxon rotary tool (that I use as a rotary sander 99% of the time) and pen sander are tools I reach for very often.